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[[2009 Teams]] | [[Main Page]]
[[2010 Teams]] | [[Main Page]]

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With a near miss in the 2008 championship Redbull Racers are in good shape to finally get their first championship this year. “We were let down by our suppliers last year, Ferrari did not do a good job” Milo was overheard in the paddock at the last test in Europe. However they still have a lot to do. With all the new regulations and a ban on testing the Racers may fall behind later in the year. “Our strength is in development” which was proven last year when they lost the championship by one point after a terrible first race. “We hope to get around the first corner this year, this is our target”. With Boy Racer Crash Videos supporting the team we have our doubts here in the press office. One thing is for sure, the allegations of bush meat in the catering will not happen again as RBR plan top chefs to work with them this year.

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2010 Teams | Main Page

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