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2016 Ferrarichat League Teams

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Launch Week Days 2016!

We begin by welcoming Power Metal F1


We don't know much about this team yet, but we look forward to competing with them around the world.

  • Press announcement: "Leave us alone, we know what we're doing."
  • Nationality: Racing under shield of the White Tree of Gondor. (Attached)
  • Sponsor: "We're Not Bitter: Traditional English Ale".


Welcome also new team TOKIO-GP


This team is based in Tokyo. "I am very happy to join this wonderful league and say hi to all of GP tigers. And I also appreciate our main sponsor "Samurai spirits" which is Japanese famous beer company helps us a lot of things we need, not only sponsorship but also providing beers after pit work. I know this GP year gonna be so tough for new baby but we will try our best to get our first podium."


Welcome Team 97Ranger4.0


Scuderia Bryant took 2 seasons off. Due to unforseen financial decisions. Our team racing director decided to not invest in R&D, however, he decided to spend it all on endless pizza buffets. Scuderia Bryant did not have one podium finish and could never seem to get it right. We plan on harnessing our founders lucky rookie season and top our 2 podiums to a team first 3 podiums!! Consistency is the goal.


Welcome back Team Wilberghini

Image:2000px-Flag of Texas.svg.jpg

After taking 2015 off, Team Wilberghini returns to compete in 2016. Good luck! The team is betting heavily on a resurgence of the Red Team in 2016.


Welcome back Horner's Hornettes FC


Perennial competitor Horner's Hornettes returns to competition in 2016 with high hopes. "After our disastrous season in 2015 where we finished in 16th place. Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry. We are hoping for a better season in 2016. And have chosen a bit more wisely this season. BRING ON THE PODIUMS."


Hollywood GP returns to the fray


Hollywood GP took 2014 off, and returned refreshed in 2015. Now with 2016 in play, the team is betting on Ferrari performance and a bit of a McLaren resurgence.


Welcome back Team Rumblefish

Image:800px-Flag of Argentina.svg.jpg

Rumblefish won a race last season, and gained two other podiums on the way to a 12th place finish. This season a Ferrari-heavy team should provide a solid base to challenge for the championship.


Welcome back Team Jughead

Image:2000px-Flag of California.svg.jpg

Team Adorabloodthirsty is now Team Jughead. They are looking to rebound after a slightly down season last year. The team is running a Mercedes/Haas combination, which makes it unique in the league.


Welcome back Shaky GP FC

Image:Flag of Canada.svg.jpg

Shaky GP won a race and one podium last season. This year they are running a mix of Mercedes and Ferrari parts, which should put it firmly in the running.


Welcome back Team Williamson


Team Williamson won a race and cracked the top 10 in their rookie year. That's a very successful season. This season they are leaning heavily on Mercedes and Ferrari, and should challenge for the top of the standings.


Welcome back Alchemy

For 2016, the team is renaming from "Gnu F1 Gold" to "Alchemy". "Turning carbon fiber into F1 Gold" is the team motto. Last season they won a race and a podium. The team is running the ever-popular Ferrari/Mercedes combination


Welcome back Team Almost Green

Long-term competitor Team Almost Green managed 6 podiums and a win last season, but couldn't quite break into the very top due to many similar teams. This year they are running the popular Ferrari/Mercedes combination.


Welcome back Muppet Motorsports

Image:800px-Flag of the United States.svg.jpg

"After a respectable 5th in the constructor's championship and 6th in the driver's championship in 2015, Muppet Motorsports is looking to improve upon those finishes this year.

Key to our strategy this year is to ensure that we watch races in a timely manner, miss fewer press releases, and avoid the harsh penalties that give away championship positions."


Welcome back Team Gerbaro

Image:800px-Flag of India.svg.jpg

Team Gerbaro is a consistently strong team that always picks up their share of wins. Last season, 2 wins and 4 podiums pushed Gerbaro to a 4th place finish in the league. The team is all-in for Mercedes, and hopes the 2015 domination will continue.


Welcome back Who


Who is a new team in F1! Who will be a new powerhouse utilizing all the knowledge, facilities and personnel of the now defunct Massive Implications F1 team! Who will dominate the 2016 Season! I say this without question! Not sure what team will be second and I don't know which team will be third.


Welcome back Lena Tecnologia FC

Image:2000px-Flag of Texas.svg.jpg

"Lena Tecnologia is disappointed in finishing 2nd by only 15 points last season, but with past wins knows it can repeat on top of the podium. Lena Tecnologia finished 1st in 2014, 2nd in 2013, and 1st in 2012. Arguably Lena Tecnologia is the top historic team in the Ferrarichat League and hopes to uphold its reputation."


Welcome back Scuderia Modificata FC

Image:2000px-Flag of Texas.svg.jpg

10 victories, 4 podiums, and a ton of R&D cash were just barely enough to pull out the Championships last season. Still the defending champions are looking forward to a hard-fought 2016 season. This season the team is all-in on the Mercedes bandwagon, and is hoping for a 'boring' season of watching the Silver Arrows lap the field.


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