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"Team Really Green" is totally stoked to be entering it's first season in the IFGPF1 championship. We're obviously delighted to have the backing of the Hemp Industries Association, although we did figure it was best not to ask where the money comes from - We've got it, and they've committed to us for at least two seasons.

After much late night deliberation and pontificating, we've settled on our lineup for this season. Should Brawn GP continue the way it has in testing, we should be in great shape as we're using their engines and have both drivers on our team. Experience has to count for something.....

A bigger dilemma was the choice between Kimi and Felipe as our #1 driver. We decided on Kimi as we believe he's going to wake up this year and win it all. Hopefully, slick tires and reduced downforce will once again see him at the front.

Chassis was a no-brainer (at least in the early hours of the morning when we do our best research) - Ferrari is the only way to go.

Timo Glock and Seabass round out our lineup - The Toyota has been showing well in testing and Seabass may just be a regular points scorer this season.

More to come soon.

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