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World Headquarters : Le Mans, France

North American Division : Waxahachie, Texas USA

Team Principle : Jimmy R.

BIO : Jimmy R. is a somewhat mysterious figure to all but his closest associates. When not running the day to day operations of the team he is a warehouse manager for the world leader in fire suppression systems. He is also the coach of his son's youth soccer team The Ellis County United Raiders. Favorite clubs around the world include Nottingham Forest, Newcastle United, F.C. Metz, Celtic, Torino, and Torpedo Moscow. His current office in the Waxahachie, Texas Technology Center is adorned with all kinds of racing collectibles.

About the Team : Smokey Racing Technology is one of the original members of the league. They currently run teams in F1, GP2, and Le Mans. The team has several facilities worldwide but it's main technical center is at the Circuit De La Sarthe in Le Mans, France.

Since it's inception in 2000 the team has strived to help the sport grow and has vowed to enter teams in any league sanctioned by the IFGP. Remaining competitive with resources spread so thin is a hard task but the team has managed to stay near the top in every category.

Smokey Racing Technology has been crowned league champion in 2000 under the Nascar scoring system and again in 2005 under the F1 scoring system. 2007 saw the team reach a crowning moment when they shared the top spot at their home track of Le Mans in the 24 Hour Classic.

In 2007 the team signed a multi-year sponsorship deal with Apple Inc. Details of the deal were not known but it is believed include several years of team sponsorship and gives the team access to computers, software and other equipment before it is released to the public. The team was also given a large office on the Apple campus in Cupertino, California. Apple Inc

The 2008 season marks the first time that reporters and camera's have been allowed inside the Smokey Racing Technology North American Headquarters.

Image:SmokeyTech2.jpg This is the desk of team principle Jimmy R.

Introducing the SRF1-08 : The newest challenger in the Smokey Racing F1 stable spent 6 months in engineering before on-track testing began at the team's test circuit in Le Mans. Renault is the new chassis manufacturer and the car will be powered by Ferrari engines. The team is hoping the chassis/engine combination will get stronger as the season goes on even though most of the engineering staff has now been diverted to the Le Mans and GP2 teams.


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