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This league is a lot of fun, and the more involved I get in it the more ideas I think of for tricking it up. Not that they are great ideas, and they are not all my own ideas, but I thought that someone should keep some sort of web log (I like to call it a blog, for short) of all the big picture ways that we might look to add to, trick up, or improve the experience:

- Multiple conferences, higher eschelon conferences which can be entered into next year by either winning or placing in top X spots in end of year constructor totals

- Mini Seasons within seasons

- Sliding scale costs for teams and drivers based on current year - utilization of free VOIP teleconference or live chat during P, Q, and Race sessions (virtual watching parties)

- Weekly trivia quiz questions about current events in order to gain additonal budget monies (thereby enabling newer F1 fans to learn the sport and become more educated about the millions of moving parts within the real world F1 season)

--ScuderiaGlobex 18:07, 19 April 2009 (CDT)

Previous Years:

Official Image released at the recent unveiling of the G-2008


Scuderia Globex is headquartered in Cypress Creek, USA.


Scuderia Globex

image:ferrariglobex.jpgFerrari will be our Engine partner for the beginning of the 2008 season.

image:bmwglobex.jpgBMW will be our Chassis partner for the beginning of the 2008 season.

Drivers Lineup for the start of the 2008 Season:

image:kimiglobex.jpg Kimi Raikkonen

image:heikkiglobex.jpg Hekki Kovalinen

Image:Sebastienglobex.jpg Sebastien Bourdais

image:kazukiglobex.jpg Kazuki Nakajima

Image:timoglobex.jpg Timo Glock

2008 is the first season that Scuderia Globex competes for the F1 Constructors World Championship.

The team is owned by Hank Scorpio, President of Globex Corporation. Mr. Scorpio has made it clear that nothing less than a World Championship is acceptable in the debut season of Scuderia Globex.

Hank Scorpio is possibly the world’s best boss but also a megalomaniac bent on world domination. He is loved by all his employees for his kind nature and casual attitude, plus the annual three weeks paid vacation he gives them all as well doesn't hurt. And on Fridays the Lunchroom serves hotdogs and burgers and beer. Hank loves German beer. He enjoys Funruns and Bowling, but dislikes words that elevate him above anyone else, like boss. Sure he comes in to work later in the day, gets paid more and takes longer vacation, but he prefers to just be called Hank. Hank was the first wealthy man to wear jeans with a sports coat, now everyone does it. He also doesn't believe in walls. Hank once blew up the 59th Sreet Bridge in New York to prove he wasn't bluffing with the UN. This Team Profile will self destruct in 5 seconds.


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