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The only Latino Team in F1! Mecanica Chencho & Cuco Racing Beat as it is officially know, aims to dominate races with our two tier strategy.

Unique cars

The cars livery is designed to confuse the opponents. Our mirror chromed wheels, multi level rear wings, Pepto-Bismol Pink Metallic(TM), Vomit Green Metallic(TM), and air ride equiped cars; might ride low and slow but, the sparkers in the rear will keep chasers from comming close.

Pit stop strategy

In addition, the combination of our incredibly hot Pit Babes and our loud, obnoxious, Chicano music, will keep rival pit crews on a suicidal sharp edge.

Speed Tested

Face it! No one can make a run for the border... err... finish line, faster than a hispanic!

Dominican Power!

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