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The Lone Star Agreement , 2022

Formula One

Beginning budget : 50 million

Each team must choose 5 drivers and cannot have more than 2 drivers from any category.

  • Category 1 : 10 million

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen

  • Category 2 : 8 million

George Russell, Carlos Sainz Jr., Sergio Pérez

  • Category 3 : 6 million

Charles Leclerc, Daniel Ricciardo, Lando Norris

  • Category 4: 4 million

Fernando Alonso, Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly, Yuki Tsunoda

  • Category 5 : 3 million

Sebastian Vettel, Lance Stroll, Nicholas Latifi

  • Category 6 : 2 million

Guanyu Zhou, Valtteri Bottas, Alexander Albon

  • Category 7 : 1 million

Mick Schumacher, HAAS2

Each team must choose 1 engine and 1 chassis (If a team purchased Engine R&D at the end of the previous season, the team gets their engine for 1/2 listed price to start the season)

  • Mercedes: 10M
  • Red Bull: 10M
  • Ferrari: 8M
  • McLaren: 8M
  • Alpine: 6M
  • AlphaTauri: 4M
  • Aston Martin: 4M
  • Williams: 3M
  • Alfa Romeo: 2M
  • Haas: 1M


Full year 
10 million
1/2 year 
6 million

Teams that purchase a sponsor will receive 3 million for a win, and up to 2.5 million for a podium finish. Teams that do not purchase a sponsor receive no money and only receive 1/2 of the constructors points earned each week until a sponsor is signed. Drivers points will still be awarded. Teams that purchase a sponsor may name their own and it can be any company.

For the 2022 season, the 1/2 season mark will be between the Austrian and French rounds.

Research and Development (Optional)

Up until 3 rounds from the end of the season teams may spend money on research and development. The cost is 1 million for 5 constructors points purchased. These points are awarded after the race and have no bearing on the outcome of the race. During the last 3 rounds teams may spend 5 million to research engines for the next season, this is a one time fee and allows the next year's engines to be purchased for 1/2 price.

Test Drivers (Optional)

Teams outside the top 10 in the constructors standings are allowed to run a test driver beginning the second week. The cost is a one time fee of 1 million. This allows teams to score 5 constructor points each week whenever they out of the top 10 in the constructors standings, and these points are added to the weekly scores and can have an effect on the outcome of the race.

Post Race Interviews (Mandatory)

Each team that finishes on the podium will be required to submit a post race interview or press release by posting on the discussion board. Press releases must be published by midnight Central time on the Tuesday following the race or within 48 hours of the results being published, whichever is the later. Failure to submit an interview or press release will cost the team that week's constructor points. They will still receive drivers points and any money earned. If a team has an unavoidable problem with the interview (vacation, etc.), the team must alert the IFGP management via email by the Wednesday before the race to avoid a penalty, and should complete the press release as soon as possible. A delayed press release must be posted no later than the start of Practice 1 of the next round; if it is not completed by then, the penalty shall be applied.

Each team is allowed 1 mulligan; the first skipped post-race press release of the season will be forgiven.

Press releases are to be posted after the unofficial scoring results email notification by the official iFGP Scoring Steward.

Press releases should indicate an awareness of iFGP and F1 events. All press release will be reviewed for consistency of iFGP standards. Any press release deemed to bring the iFGP into ill repute will be deleted (after review by the iFGP World Motorsports Council) by the official iFGP Forum Steward and a suitable replacement press release will be issued by the team within 24 hours meeting iFGP standards.

Pre-season interview bonus: If a team releases a pre-season press statement and posts it on the discussion board, the team will receive a 1 million dollar bonus which will be awarded after the first race of the season.

Scoring (Results, Points, Money)

Scoring is based upon results in the real world Formula 1 contest. IFGP teams score points for the finishing place of each of the team drivers, and the chassis and engines. These points are added together and are used to determine the finishing order and driver points for the IFGP team. Based on total points scored, the following places will be awarded in the driver's championship:

  • 1st : 25 points, 3 million
  • 2nd : 18 points, 2.5 million
  • 3rd : 15 points, 2 million
  • 4th : 12 points, 1 million
  • 5th : 10 points, 1 million
  • 6th : 8 points, 1 million
  • 7th : 6 points, 1 million
  • 8th : 4 points, 1 million
  • 9th : 2 points, 1 million
  • 10th : 1 point, 1 million

  • Driver Pole Position : 1 bonus point. for IFGP purposes, "pole" means the first starting position on race day.
  • Driver Fastest Lap : 1 bonus point

(bonus points are added to driver point totals after each round and have no effect on the outcome of the race)

Up until 3 rounds from the end, teams that finish outside the top 10 will receive 1/2 million in travel subsidies.

In the event of a race that completes more than 2 laps but less than 75% of the race distance, constructor and driver points (including bonus points) shall both be halved. Award moneys and travel subsidies (if any) shall not be adjusted. In the event a race does not complete 2 laps, no points nor money shall be awarded. In this scenario, all teams shall be issued travel subsidies if the race was scheduled to award them.

The IFGP constructor championship is determined by total cumulative race points during all races. The IFGP drivers championship is determined by total cumulative driver points awarded by the IFGP based on race results. Individual race results and total points will be posted on the league website.

IFGP results and points are based upon real world Formula 1 results, but exist within our framework. IFGP results are final at noon Wed Dallas time after a race. If real world results should change after that time, IFGP results will not be adjusted.

Should the Constructor or Driver championship end in a tie, the tie will be broken as follows:

  • Number of victories
  • Number of second place finishes
  • Number of third place finishes
  • Remaining money
  • A 100 yard footrace, held the week following the season in Denton, TX.

Dropping Drivers, Engines, or Chassis

Teams may drop drivers, engines or chassis at any point as long as it’s done by midnight the Wed. prior to that weeks race and as long as they stay within the league rules and budgets. The cost to drop them will be 1/2 million dollars plus the cost of the new driver, engine or chassis. You will receive 100% credit for the price of the driver, chassis, or engine dropped.

Driver trades in which both drivers are Category 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 do not incur a trade fee. Only the difference in the cost of recovery and the new driver cost will be applied.

If a driver is replaced in Formula 1, the replacement driver will be available to teams with the prior driver at no charge through the next applicable Wednesday lineup change cutoff. Should the team wish to change that replacement driver, standard rules will apply.

Should a chassis manufacturer withdraw from Formula 1, a replacement chassis within the same price range can be chosen at no charge.

All choices and changes must be emailed to the IFGP contact email. No changes are considered official until acknowledged by the IFGP.

The Blocking Rule: After the half way point, no team may make driver, chassis or engine changes that result in a team identical to the team directly below it in the drivers or constructors championship. This rule is designed to prevent a team creating a situation where the chasing teams cannot gain on the leader. For the purposes of this rule, a multimake chassis/engine combination will be considered equivalent if they generate identical points. For instance, Ferrari/Toro Rosso will be considered equivalent to Toro Rosso/Ferrari, because they would generate equivalent points.

If both the leading team and the chasing team make team changes in the same week that result in identical teams, the earlier emailed change will take precedence.

Official communication

While the Wiki and discussion boards are useful tools, all driver, chassis and engine selections must be delivered via email to IFGPF1@Gmail.com This allows for the necessary timestamping, and is more accessible for the committee. NOTE: All deadlines and times are determined by local time, Dallas Texas. Please adjust per your local time.


In the event that there are questions regarding the application or interpretation of these rules, the IFGP F1 Commissioner will have the right and ability to interpret and enforce the ruleset as he or she sees fit. All effort will be made to ensure a competitive and fair playing environment.

All rules, gameplay and variants copyright JJT 2001-22

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