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2017 Ferrarichat League Teams

2017 Ferrarichat League Standings

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Presenting, in alphabetical order, the teams for 2017!

Horners Hornets

"We are back and ready to rock n Roll for the new season. Chosen team with my head instead of my heart." The team is running Red Bull power and chassis, which may indeed be a winning play.


Lena Tecnologia

Lena Tecnologia is disappointed in a terrible finish last year after a 2nd in 2015 and past wins 2014 and 2012. we hope to return back to top of podium for season.


Muppet Motorsports

It is with a humorous heart, and starfish in our pants, that the Muppets of Muppet Motorsports are proud to announce that they will compete in the 2017 IFGPF1 World Championship. We will settle for nothing less than absolute victory... or at least to have a good time chasing after you all.

May the best Muppet win. Meep.


Power Metal F1

Looking forward to a fun and exciting year with good fins, big wheels, good Finns, and big wins.


Scuderia Bryant

After a long four seasons finishing nearly dead last we are looking forward to finishing in the top three of each race. Is that optimistic? Yes will it happen probably not. We are going to rely on Ferrari to put us at the top. We seek to gain some of our rookie luck and finish at least one race number one best of luck everyone


Scuderia Forshage

Scuderia Forshage is proud to announce their participation in this years ifgpf1. We plan on winning the title our rookie year by duplicating the methods of our favorite team. Despite the fact that we are a German/ Irish/Arminian/Texas Team based in California, we have adopted the Italian methods to design our car and to run our team. We have a German pilot, CHECK. That calls for a smoke and a lemoncello, lots of hand waving and cursing. Then we have a car and an engine. More smoking, lemoncello, hand waving and cursing. Then we have our other drivers. If we do not win, we will fire someone, we will smoke, drink lemoncello & Italian wine, have lots hand waving and more cursing until we win or repeat.


Scuderia Modificata

"We're excited to defend our Ferrarichat League F1 championship," stated Team Principle Tillman.

"Last season was a challenge for sure. It literally could not have been any closer. We expect the challenge to be even greater this season. Still, we hope to pull off the ThreePeat championship. That's never been done in any IFGP F1 league."


Shaky GP

The Shaky GP FC will remain based alongside its Founders league team mates in their central Alberta shop for the 2017 campaign. We were very pleased with our move up the grid last season and are hoping to take advantage of a few loopholes in the new regulations to retain a top spot.


Team Alchemy

Alchemy is back for 2017. After winning the driver’s championship and 2nd place constructor’s way back in 2012, our team seems to have lost their luster finishing in the middle of the pack 4 years running.

This year stronger than ever and will take it all the way to Abu Dhabi. Last year our motto was "turning carbon fibre into F1 gold". This year it is simply: "Gold!"


Team Cinema Grande

Because of copyright claims made from an award winning photographer based in the United States, Team Williamson has been forced to change its name to: Team Cinema Grande. When asked about the improvements that his team will be making this year : Williamson said: "In order to improve our points in the full season and repeat as second season champion, we have fired the Public Relations team. They cost our team the gold last year because of missing filing deadlines for press releases."


Team Drunk Wrench

After many failed attempts to win at Lemons racing, we look forward to the new 2017 formula 1 scene. Our passion for racing remains strong despite our racing history. The off season allowed us to sober up and regain hope for another chance to win our first championship. Only time will tell if our efforts and strategies will bring the prized possession home.


Team Energizer Bunny

This rookie team enters with high expectations of keep going, going, going, going . . . . The team livery is Rayban black coupled with pink fur. From a strategy point of view, the team is hedging all their bets, with split Mercedes & Ferrari design and drivers.


Team Gerbaro

Team Gerbaro barely scraped enough money to round up 5 drivers, some are green and wet behind their ears, but drive fast they will do.

Good press officers are hard to come by, but we found two from Antarctica. They look rather funny and make strange noises, but should be better than the nincompoops we had for the past few years.


Team Rumblefish

There has been talk that RumbleFish has gone belly up, however this gossip is (somehow) untrue. After four abysmal years RumbleFish has only had one win and 6 podiums. Miraculously, in the 2016 season, RumbleFish finished #6 in the constructors championship. Fingers are crossed that this season will be RumbleFish's best (not a hard feat to accomplish).


Team Wilberghini

Team Wilberghini returns to the fray with a Ferrari-based team and some unorthodox choices deeper in the lineup. Keeping some cash in the pocket isn't a bad plan for early in an unsettled season.


Tokio GP

Tokio GP is looking to Mercedes power and the defending 2nd place driver to return the team to glory. Tokio GP is also betting the McLaren isn't as bad as it seems in testing, with Alonso filling one of the positions.



Who came into the 2016 season ready to do battle with the best. Who did quite well but fell just short. Who is now known around the world as a front running team. Who is back for 2017. Who indeed! Who is better! Who is faster! Who is sexier. That's Who!


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