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Scoring System : F1, Le Mans and World Touring Car Series

F1 Constructors Champion : Clingfilm Rockets

F1 Drivers Champion : Clingfilm Rockets


(For winning both championships Clingfilm Rockets were awarded a special plaque from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This included an actual portion of the brick from the speedway surface.)

GP2 Constructors Champion : SSX Racing

GP2 Drivers Champion : SSX Racing

Le Mans Overall Champion : Dallas Diva Racing

Le Mans LMP1 Champion : Clingfilm Rockets

Le Mans LMP2 Champion : Team BRR

Le Mans GT1 Champion : Dallas Diva Racing

Le Mans GT2 Champion : Finnair GT2

World Touring Car Constructors Champion : Finnair Touring Lmtd.

World Touring Car Drivers Champion : Finnair Touring Lmtd.

Final 2006 GP2 Constructors Standings
1.SSX Racing 375
2.Soviet Star GP2 360
3.Finnair GP2 314
4.360GP Intl. 280
5.Dallas Diva Racing 277
6.Rocker Racing 251
7.Imperial Motorsports 246
8.Double Blue Racing 187
Final 2006 GP2 Drivers Standings
1.SSX Racing 150
2.Soviet Star GP2 138
3.Finnair GP2 102
4.360GP Intl. 102
5.Dallas Diva Racing 97
6.Imperial Motorsports 80
7.Rocker Racing 78
8.Double Blue Racing 52

IFGP History

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