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Abbreviated ruleset:

1) Pick 5 drivers. You cannot have more than 2 drivers from any category.
2) Pick a chassis and an engine. For our purposes, engine = the team, so Sauber carries a Sauber engine, Toro Rosso carries a Toro Rosso, etc.
3) Pick either a full season sponsorship. Full season costs $10 million
4) Total cost cannot exceed $50 million
For the complete ruleset, go here

Category 1 : 10 million
Lewis Hamilton (Merc), Valtteri Bottas (Merc), Charles LeClerc (Fer)
Category 2 : 8 million
Sebastian Vettel (Fer), Max Verstappen (RB), Carlos Sainz Jr. (McL)
Category 3 : 6 million
Alexander Albon (RB), Lando Norris (McL), Daniel Ricciardo (Ren), Pierre Gasly (SAt)
Category 4: 5 million
Esteban Ocon (Ren), Daniil Kvyat (SAt), Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa)
Category 5 : 3 million
Kimi Räikkönen (Alfa), Sergio Pérez (RP), Lance Stroll (RP)
Category 6 : 2 million
Romain Grosjean (Haas), Kevin Magnussen (Haas)
Category 7 : 1 million
George Russell (Wil), Nicholas Latifi (Wil)

Each team must choose 1 engine and 1 chassis (If a team purchased Engine R&D at the end of the previous season, the team gets their engine for 1/2 listed price to start the season)

Mercedes 10M
Ferrari 9M
Red Bull 8M
McLaren 6M
Renault 6M
AlphaTauri 5M
Alfa Romeo 4M
Racing Point 4M
Hass 3M
Williams 1M